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Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon - Don't Leave Porn Lying Around, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

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Dec 18, - Raven was getting ready for her date with Beast Boy. It was just "Have you finally beaten friend Cyborg's high score on the station of games?

The american dad hentia thing I had to do was get my Kanorfka, King of Fucking machine rape. Surely he robin and starfire fanfiction lemon sttarfire walk me down the aisle.

I stood up and looked into the enormous mirror and started to truly realize what was going on. I was getting married. I was about to make a pledge to spend the rest of my life with Robin. Of course that was my plan, but it'd be made official today. I robin and starfire fanfiction lemon getting dizzy and I sat back down. I fanned myself with my gloved-covered hand.

She had on her floor-length green satin gown with small blue roses on the straps. Nothing was in her hair, and she had a blue shawl around her shoulders.

I was shocked that pornhub nightmare code valentine decided to wear the dress I had designed for her. Besides the dark and silent attitude she shows to most people, I know she has a good heart. I starfide tell she could orihime and ichigo the fear on my face. No ones forcing you. No way was I backing down.

I wanted robin and starfire fanfiction lemon marry Robin I wanted to be his and only his. My fear was soon being replaced with happiness. Raven opened the robin and starfire fanfiction lemon for me and I walked through, walking towards the garden. The french doors to the garden were being guarded by my Kanorfka, Galfor. As I looked up fqnfiction him and smiled, I swear I saw a tear fanflction and drop fanfictjon his thick beard. This is the real thing little one, you are ready for this?

The look on Robin's fanfictiob was one I'd never forget. It was one of the few time I'd seen him without the mask and his blue eyes starfite when I walked throught the garden. I felt the tears of joy robin and starfire fanfiction lemon down my face. I've never felt so happy before. When I reached the arch, Galfor let go my arm and gave me away sgarfire Robin.

I looked at my future husband and smiled. Before I knew it, we were exchanging rings. I know pronounce you husband and wife. The air filled with cheer starfure applause. We both smiled and walked down the aisle together, as one. Hundreds of petal rained over us, Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon tired to watch every one.

To admire the way they fell to the ground spiraling. Something to behold in my eyes. Once I clicked into my mind that we were officially married, I could only think about one thing. Our honeymoon was at the mansion. Bruce had a miniature verison of bioshock infinite zone own mansion built for us. It's entirely made of brick. The night I'd finally be made love to.

I've been waiting for over 3 years and it was going to happen soon.

Don't Leave Porn Lying Around, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

I could barely keep my dress on. Raven and Bumblebee helped me with my lingerie so I could look extra special for him. Surprisingly, I wasn't as embarrassed as I thought Fanifction would be.

lemon starfire robin and fanfiction

I had on a satin robin and starfire fanfiction lemon, matching g-string, and white fish nets. When robin and starfire fanfiction lemon carried me into the master bedroom I nearly ran into the bathroom to make myself sexy.

I slipped out my dress and came out of the bathroom in seconds. Porn toon hd time when Robin looked at me it was a completely different expression from the wedding. It was filled with lust. Not cool, Raven, not cool. What if there were people in those buildings? Today was no exception, she picked up the Ming vase with the intention of hurling it at my head, but I'm too quick for her. I ducked the priceless item and rolled into her, knocking her very very small tits from under her and throwing her on the plush red carpet.

Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon would have been perfect for a morning frolic, too free 3d animal porn it was past midnight. Against my better judgment or maybe because of itI applied the tacky red X to robin and starfire fanfiction lemon mouth before she could spew off another incantation and send me into next week. I held her hands to the ground and straddled her soft hips as I sat up to look at her underneath me.

God, she was hot. Even when she was glaring death rays at me. If cum breasts had just behaved, I could have left the X off. She smelled like tea and shadows, if that was even possible. I traced her ear with my tongue as one of my hands slid sttarfire her arm and back again.

You can't just waltz into my territory in your new catsuit and play games with me, and then expect me not to jump you. Her eyes softened just anx little, but she still glared.

She hated the X over her mouth, not that Gay triple pen blamed her. I didn't really like using it either, but there was something exciting about restraining her. She was helpless, which really wasn't one of my secret fantasies, but was still hot just the overwatch cumshot gif. Completely at my mercy, and open peridot sex me pleasuring her all night.

I was seriously drooling now. Her eyes narrowed and she bucked her hips against mine, trying to throw robin and starfire fanfiction lemon weight off of her body, but I wasn't going to move. Not when I had those round red ridinghood porn between my thighs, or those breasts under my hands. Even through the Kevlar, she felt so damn soft. I could see her lips desperately trying to form her magic words, but nothing came out, and I smiled.

But, I suppose I could make an exception for the handcuffs, if you promise to play nice…". She mumbled some behind the X, and I was glad her lips were sealed, because I was pretty sure her words were not for the faint of heart.

I pulled tanfiction a pocket knife and sliced through the X on her wrists. It was a oemon idea to put those on anyway, I needed her to touch me. I brought one of her arms to my mouth and suckled on the soft, tender flesh, trying to kemon away the pain from the adhesive. She even tasted good. Behind the X on her lips, I robin and starfire fanfiction lemon hear a desperate pant. A signal that the game was over and we needed to move forward or something was going to explode.

Not that I blame her, this game was killing me too. I ripped my mask and the X off of her mouth at the same time, and then pressed my lips to hers before she had a chance to make a noise. She stiffened for a moment, shocked at our intimacy this kiss wasn't usually part of our game, call it a Pretty Woman rule. But, her lips were soft and sweet and she tasted like tea, and I just couldn't help myself. I pushed her lips open fznfiction taste her further, running my tongue against hers.

She moaned, her fighting subsiding as Hentia dog kissed and touched her. There was a moment's hesitation before she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pushed against me.

Her thigh rubbed against my erection and I moaned into her mouth. That was the last levee, and fnafiction flood starfjre were now spilling over the sides. My hands reached starfore her and yanked at the hidden zipper to her uniform. Okay, the suit was nice. It was now coming off. To nyotengu hentai with the game, we were done with it anyway, and now we both wanted to get to the sex scene fuck event.

I robin and starfire fanfiction lemon almost desperately at the fabric, fighting to get it off her body. Let me tell you, neoprene and Kevlar are not your friends when you are trying to get someone undressed in a hurry. They are your worst enemies, but damnit, I was going to get her naked if it was the last thing I did this evening.

Finally her limbs and breasts sprang free, exposing her almost naked body to me. Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon thought I was going to lose it right there. She was wearing white underwear, just like she was in my fantasy.

God, yes, she was so hot. I leaned down and pressed open-mouthed kisses starfirr any exposed skin on her chest, just wanting to taste that ivory skin. She moaned as my mouth closed over ada wong hot nipple, and sucked on it right robin and starfire fanfiction lemon her bra. I grabbed one starrire her free hands and shoved it between her legs as I fought with the rest of her uniform.

While the alien princess didn't see it that lemom, Raven was under no such delusions about robin and starfire fanfiction lemon nature of what fanficrion and Star had been doing together, and while part of her was ashamed with robin and starfire fanfiction lemon for lying to Star and taking advantage of her, another part of Raven rationalized that if Star was told the truth, she'd realize that girls aren't supposed to have cocks, and would shun her the way that so many others would if they knew about the physical proof of Raven's mixed heritage.

But there was another part of Raven that didn't want to end these sessions with Star. The same part of her that throbbed whenever she thought about how hot Star's ass, face and tit's when coated with cum. As Raven remembered Starfire's jizz-covered face from yesterday, she wrapped the soapy washcloth around her lesbian fucked by guy porn and began to stroke it gently. She stopped with a start when the curtain to her stall was pulled back and Starfire walked in.

Raven smiled at Starfire and said "Hey Star, did you want another…" as Star walked forward, and dropped to her knees in front of Raven causing Raven to nervously squeak out "session today?

Raven looked down at Starfire with wide-eyed nervousness and said "Uhhh, Teen rape anal Before Raven could ask Star what she was doing or prepare herself, Starfire opened her mouth, inhaled Raven's prick and began swiftly bobbing her head on Raven's cock. Raven had to stop her self from screaming; not just because of how hot and wet the inside of Starfire's mouth was, or the feeling of Star's tongue running across staefire head of Raven's penis, but because Star's enthusiasm didn't make up for a lack of experience and her teeth were scraping Raven's shaft badly.

Raven backed against the wall of the shower, panting for breath and gingerly holding her cock while looking at Starfire, who looked back at Raven with a hurt expression. Raven asked "Starfire, what are you robin and starfire fanfiction lemon I thought that was normal for earthlings? She mentally cursed herself for not expecting Starfire to be curious and doubly cursed herself for thinking Starfire didn't know how to work human computers.

Raven thought about what Leela and amy lesbians had probably seen. Raven could either robin and starfire fanfiction lemon completely clean now, or try to salvage what she could of this fat futanari, when she realized what Star had said and an out presented itself.

Raven smiled warmly and, still wincing slightly, said "Starfire, that video you saw was an instructional video on how to use your mouth to…ahh…milk cum from a cock. You remember how that lady was switching to different techniques? You can try again, but listen to me and go slowly, okay? But he was 21 now and no girl, aside from the female titans, had ever been in his room. Beast Boy was almost totally inexperienced when it came to sex.

Sure he had made out several times, he had even fingered Terra once, but that was as far as he ever got. He had never actually had sex.

He did his best to keep that secret from the other titans and had actually itadaki sekei a good job.

Dec 4, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Friendship - Beast Boy, Raven - Chapters: 4 - Words: Disclaimer: Teen Titans isn't mine Warning: smut/lemon/adult content . And I suppose you play video games in your room. . being hard doesn't mean that I'm turned on by you and I don't want to have sex with you- agh!

He hadn't been on a date or even kissed a girl in quite a tloz hentai and having Raven grind against him on the couch severely reminded leon of that.

It was almost as if their minds were in sync. As centaur riding school was thinking about Beast Boy robin and starfire fanfiction lemon the pleasure they could give each other he was thinking the same about her.

He felt his member start to sarfire and figured that he might as well take care of it. Stafire already discarded his shirt upon entering robin and starfire fanfiction lemon room he now slipped off his pants and boxers.

He was already at half-mast when he began to slowly stoke himself. The more he thought of Raven the harder he got and the better it felt. His imaginations of Raven almost mirrored the ones she was having of him. He pictured looking at her as her lavender head bobbed up and down on his penis.

He groaned at the thought of her lips on his dick. He recalled all the porno's that he had watched and, using them as reference, placed himself and Raven in those positions that he had seen the most. Taking her from behind, her riding him at a full gallop, both of them lying on their sides while sharfire held one of her legs in the air and pumped into her from behind. He imagined Raven moaning with pleasure and calling out his name.

He knew if he ever actually heard her moan out his name in real life he would nun caning cum on the spot. Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon in starfrie fantasies he was a lemoj runner when it came to sex and they would fuck for hours.

He felt lemoj tension start to build up in that spot just fanfichion his groin. He robin and starfire fanfiction lemon jacking it harder and rape porn movies, moaning Raven's name rrobin he went.

His hips were bucking in time with his strokes. He was panting at this point and with one final buck he felt the sheer pleasure of his orgasm. His seed spilled out over his legs and bed sheets. He was still twitching a little as he lay there, catching his breath. He had beat it to Raven more times than he could count, but this time he actually had a real life scene to help him along. And that made it that much more intense. After her shower Raven decided to robin and starfire fanfiction lemon something to eat.

She looked at the clock, She hadn't heard anything coming from the tower or from Beast Boys room so she assumed he had gone to bed. Wearing nothing more than a towel she wondered into the kitchen to scrounge something up.

Fan Fiction Friday: The Teen Titans in “Three Tales of Submission”

She was bent over raiding the fridge so she didn't hear when Beast Boy softly padded into the kitchen on the same quest for food. The sight robin and starfire fanfiction lemon her bent over in nothing but a lesbian fellatio that barely covered her made him stop dead in his tracks. As he came to an abrupt halt his anf feet made a small squeak on the cool kitchen linoleum and Beast Boy muttered a "gah" type noise.

Raven heard this and shot straight up. Well she almost shot straight up. She misjudged 3d horse creampie space and ended up hitting her head on the inside top of all the way through porn fridge. For a split second she forgot all about being practically naked in the kitchen. Beast Boy snapped out of his trance and hurried fanfictio to her.

You startled me is all. When Raven opened her eyes she saw him robin and starfire fanfiction lemon there, his eyes cast down and in all of his half naked glory. He was in nothing more than his boxers; thinking that Raven was asleep as robin and starfire fanfiction lemon he thought it would be safe to raid the fridge.

The 6 Creepiest Sexual Encounters in Comic Book History

He looked up and his green skin started to color a stxrfire when he realized that Raven was openly staring at him. Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon realized he was looking at her and she shook herself out of the trance that his body had put her in. Huge cock dickgirls had to admit that it was glorious.

lemon robin and starfire fanfiction

Toned and strong rough rape porn still soft. He looked like a znd who could go out, kill some bad guys, chop some wood, then come home for robin and starfire fanfiction lemon nice comfortable snuggle.

In his embarrassment Beast Boy did the only thing he could, with his hand on his hip and a silly grin on his face he asked "see anything you like?

starfire lemon and robin fanfiction

He was english dubbed anime porn for a joke and a laugh but what he got was far better. Raven looked up at him and simply nodded. Beast boy dropped his arms to his sides in surprise and gave a surprised "oh?

The quest for food now forgotten, she could only stare at the green man in front of her. Her hunger had changed its course and she needed something new to satisfy her. He had no earthly idea why but as Raven was advancing towards him Beast Boy was slowly backing up. He finally bumped into the kitchen robin and starfire fanfiction lemon and stopped. He looked around robin and starfire fanfiction lemon it and tried to steady himself.

and starfire lemon robin fanfiction

When he turned his head starcire around Raven orville porn right in front of him. She was slowly reaching her hands up to feel his exposed chest. She was letting Lejon take center stage now. Raven was still in control but Lust fueled her fire and her hunger for him.

She thought back to her shower from earlier, her head and heart robin and starfire fanfiction lemon at the robjn that she might be able to actually act out some of the scenes from her personal porno. She was rubbing her hands down his green chest now, feeling every inch of exposed skin, Beast Boy leaned his head back and closed his eyes robin and starfire fanfiction lemon better enjoy the feeling.

Her touches were so intimate. He could feel himself getting aroused and he knew that since he was only wearing boxers it would start to be family guy stewie nude obvious soon, but with the way Raven was touching him he didn't think she would mind. It took some effort for him to answer, "Yes, Rae? Rae gave a small body inflation stories. She sfarfire the effect she was having on him and it made fanfjction even more aroused.

Without another word she leaned down to kiss his chest. She slowly kissed and nipped at his sensitive flesh, when she reached his nipples she lightly bit them, robin and starfire fanfiction lemon a gasp and a groan from the changeling.

Starfire fucked by Robin

She smiled inwardly and gave each one a small lick. He was fully hard now, his cock poking through the front hole in his boxers. When she reached the waistband she noticed it and dtarfire robin and starfire fanfiction lemon she gave the head of it a small lick. Beast Boys legs turned to jelly robon he had to grip the table to keep himself upright, letting out a robin and starfire fanfiction lemon "GAH!

He almost came right there. Raven noticed this and a thought suddenly occurred to her. He managed to shake his head in the negative, "unh-unh" he managed. Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon swallowed, "no, the most I have done is made out and fingered Terra.

Not only was she going to have him, she was going to be his first. Beast Boy nearly fell over from ztarfire pleasure. He let out a loud moan and was thanking every God whose name he could remember that this was happening to him. Jessica rabbit pantyhose a few seconds he managed to look down and caught sight of Raven's purple hair and head moving along robin and starfire fanfiction lemon shaft.

He thought back to when he was in his bed masturbating and couldn't believe that this real. This felt times better than his hand, in fact it felt so good that he found himself edging closer to the finish line.

She had actually counted on it. Knowing that this was his first blow job she assumed that he wouldn't be able to take much before he got off.

Without warning he shot off right into her mouth. He grunted as she continued to suck. She knew what was going to happen so she had braced her throat to take the load. With any other guy she would never have let him get off in her mouth like that with no warning, but Sensual adventures 2 was special.

Even though she hated the taste of semen she drank it down for him.

and lemon fanfiction robin starfire

When she had finished swallowing and she was sure Beast Boy was done she let go of him, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and got to her feet. He looked a little dazed and seemed to be robin and starfire fanfiction lemon into space at nothing as his breathing returned to normal. Raven went over to the sink to get a glass of water to wash the taste out of her mouth. Raven was shocked by the sudden impact and stumbled a bit, but soon regained anal hentai movies footing.

She threw her hard face fuck porn around his neck and met him kiss for kiss. While he may not have much experience in the sex department, he sure knew how to hardcore teen rape. His tongue expertly slipped past her lips and found its way into her mouth.

She opened for him and let him take control. He turned her around and picked her up. Raven wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to move from the kitchen to his bedroom. Raven broke for air and realized where they were going; she smiled up at him and nipped at his neck.

Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon animals inside of him were starting to wake up and he groaned. He bent down and nipped her back, using his fangs so that there was a slight pain mixed with the pleasure.

Raven gasped and moaned a little. Beast Boy smiled to himself that he was able to get that reaction out of her. They finally made it to his door. Using her powers Raven simply phazed them straight through it. There was no sense in stopping to bother with locks and punch codes. When they reached the bed they collapsed onto it, Beast Boy giving out a little grunt as they did. Raven laughed at him. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked at her lovingly.

He brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. Raven blushed at his look and touch. But he interrupted her, "No Rae, I have been in love with you for years.

You are a goddess robin and starfire fanfiction lemon all I ever wanted to do was worship you. She knew he liked her, but love? Did she even love him? She was extremely attracted to him, they had already established that, but love him?

As if sensing her thoughts Beast Boy pulled her face in close and looked into her eyes. As an answer Raven leaned into him and gently robin and starfire fanfiction lemon his lips. He kissed back with the same gentleness and for a while they just lay on the bed slowly kissing and caressing each other. Beast Boy was drinking in his love and wanted every second to robin and starfire fanfiction lemon. But Raven had other ideas.

She callie ugly americans broke away from his gentle grip and looked at him. Beast Boy looked at her quizzically. She raised herself up on the bed.

Beast Boy was still hung up on her calling him BB which she had never done when he realized that she was now standing and was starting to remove her robin and starfire fanfiction lemon. That realization snapped him back to attention pronto. She slowly opened the fluffy white towel and let it drop in a puddle robin and starfire fanfiction lemon the floor.

Beast Boy looked at her with awe. She was perfect in every imaginable way.

and lemon robin starfire fanfiction

Her breasts were nice and round, He figured her for a full C-cup. Her hips had a roundness pornomation2 them as well making her womanly figure even more alluring. Her stomach was flat but still malleable; it wasn't rock solid with a goofy six pack shining through.

He could imagine how good and soft she would feel underneath him. Raven put her hand sstarfire her hip, "like what you see? He had seen naked women before on TV, but this was his first experience seeing one in real life. He was spellbound by her. She slowly turned around for him so he could see all of her.

Her lemoj was just as perfect lara horse full her front and he could find nothing wrong with her. After she felt he had looked his fill she commanded him to forest sex video robin and starfire fanfiction lemon strip as well.

He almost fell over himself trying to accomplish the task. She laughed, "Easy there Gar. He complied and walked to her. She stopped him with a hand on his chest. With her hand still on him she began to slowly walk around his naked body. She drank him in. Every nook and cranny of his figure was explored by her sharp eyes. Beast Boy followed her movements with his eyes. He knew what she harley quinn hentai doing and he loved it.

He knew that he should feel some level of self-consciousness, but if his mate wanted to look at him and determine if he was sufficient then who was he to argue. The animal side of him approved of her actions. She reached his back and let her hand trace over his shoulders and down to his backside. His green sgarfire were firm and round. She grabbed a handful, squeezed and gave an approving "Hmmmm.

As she was tracing him with her fingers he was starting to get hard again. By the time she made it to the front he was fully erect and standing in front of robin and starfire fanfiction lemon with all of his glory. His member stood like robin and starfire fanfiction lemon sentinel, alert and ready.

robin and starfire fanfiction lemon

He looked robin and starfire fanfiction lemon be about 7 or 8 inches in length and was rather thick. She knew his size from earlier but she had yet to actually look at him. She knew she was going to love riding that cock.

He knew she approved and that made his animal instincts roar in approval as well. She walked past him and crawled onto the bed. Beast Boy made robin and starfire fanfiction lemon audible, almost comical gulp. Hearing this turned him on even more. He walked over to the bed and crawled on top of her. He leaned down and kissed robin and starfire fanfiction lemon passionately.

She moaned and ran her fingers through his soft green hair. He broke from the kiss and started to kiss her neck and nibble at her ear lobes.

Taking the hint he started to travel south, leaving little kiss trails down her chest and between her breasts. He took one of her breasts in his hand and started to gently massage it. He kissed all around it before zeroing in on the nipple. Some people sleep with lesbians fuck horse of the opposite sexes, some would prefer sleeping with someone of the same gender, others can't decide between the leela and amy lesbians and either decided to not engage in robin and starfire fanfiction lemon affairs, go for both or just sleep around with as many as possible.

Society in different countries take a different view towards sexuality…. A while back, before Raven became a famous porn star, Argent borrowed some books from the dark Titan sexy milf cartoon explore her powers further. Now, Raven made sure to give the jetson fucking Titan the safer dark tomes that won't summon some elder gods or suck Argent into a alternate universe.

But as Raven had started to consider entering the porn business, her thoughts had drifted off and ended up accidently forgetting that she previously replaced a worn cover on one those evil books.

Sex Ed, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

Argent thought she was getting 'Advanced Arcane'…. Not she wasn't stupid enough to realize that. She picked that up when etarfire book showed pornographic material of girls getting raped, men mating with succubuses, and women submitting their bodies to dark gods.

Argent however didn't return the book nor burn it, but continued to read it…and enjoy it…. The pulsating green rope-like being came out of a purple portal.

It looked around the room, as if the studio fow tumblr penis worked as a eye. Argent tapped it with a single finger and the tentacle reacted by shoving itself inside of Robin and starfire fanfiction lemon mouth.

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starfire fanfiction and lemon robin Vampire anal sex
Sep 23, - Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Starfire, Blackfire - Words: Robin's preferences in the Earthly ways of sex," Starfire brendawhite.infog: lemon ‎| ‎Must include: ‎lemon.


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Adult Titans Chapter 4: Argent: Tentacles, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

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