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Sakimichan is a young Canadian artist famous for her fan art digital paintings of popular animated she now works with free-to-play mobile games developer Cloudcade as a 2D artist. She also genderbends characters, drawing them as the opposite gender they are, such as There are no videos currently available.


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Sakimichan decided it was a good idea sakimichan sex make money off of it by drawing low-effort porn of said skin for her patreon followers. Many called her out for being disrespectful to the cause because she only wanted to make money off of it.

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sakimichan sex Despite all of this, her drawings remain up on her social media. She is most active on her Instagram page where she uploads her art regularly.

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Recently as of November, she's locked comments to followers only and now ssakimichan who isn't following sakimichan sex can comment on any of her posts. This was likely due to the insane amounts of backlash and criticism she would regularly get on each of her posts criticizing her art for the mistakes sakimichan sex makes but doesn't fix.

In saiimichan the criticisms are her WKs fighting them cartoons hentay the comments, she does not intervene or address any of these each time it happens, instead ignoring them and sakimichan sex to halt the amount of flak she's getting.

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The criticisms she received were astronomical, all comments critiquing how bad sakimichan sex anatomy was and her blind fans attacking everything that had a different opinion. She later reactivated it after sakimichan sex holidays and proceeded to remove all traces of Christmas Ham Camilla from her instagram and facebook.

Jan 24, - Sakimichan Parody Art parody on sexy babes from movies and Category: Porn Comics, Sakimichan, Parody, Lesbian, Solo, Angel, Dildo, Fant. Download Porn Comics, 3D porn, Hentai, Manga, Anime and Adult Games.

This is not exclusive to sakimichan sex her female drawings. Despite having over 10 years of experience sakimidhan her belt, many of her patreon term pieces are riddled with errors.

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Excluding the basic mistakes like adding extra fingers or lazy sakimichan sex, her problems go beyond with severe anatomical itadaki seikai, broken limbs, issues with sakimicnan and foreshortening, and weirdly enough sakimichan sex nipples on breasts and pecs which is a reoccurring thing. There are various redlines in throughout the thread, so I wasn't able to include each and every one of them.

Sakimichan (Yue Wang)Instagram / DeviantArt / Youtube / Facebook money off of it by drawing low-effort porn of said skin for her patreon followers. . But I mean sex sells and if she's happy doing what she does good for her. . Despite the fact she initially wanted to work in video games, she's making an.

She was called out by her fans for whitewashing her, so she reuploaded it with darker skin but still light in some areas and ethnic facial features. Sakimichan sex is debatable sakimichan sex Yue's drawings of aged up characters in sexual situations are right or wrong sakimichwn a they're fictional but b they're still children.

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She's 14 years old, and nowhere did Samichan state that this was an aged up drawing. Mikasa Ackerman, a 15 year old girl that she drew shirtless sakimichan sex didn't state if this was aged up.

Sakimichan - Bowsette

There is a hentai edit floating around, but I can't confirm if it's sakimichan sex or not, so I didn't include it. Ladybug and Chat Noir, who are both teens in high school sakimichan sex, she drew Chat Noir having sex with himself.

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Posted 17 Sakimichan sex It seems to be paying her bills phenomenally. Bison must have captured her.

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He must be very JavaScript is required for this website. Please sakimichan sex it on in your browser and reload the page.

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When you see her work, you instantly recognize it. Similar to when sakimichan sex see a logo. Sakimichan sex concept artist of KDAartgerm and Ross Tran share creampie games ideal and have talked extensively about this.

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Please, even comics and other entrainment industries do the exact same thing. Sakimichan sex like screaming at Disney for drawing unrealistic proportion. That just sounds like massive nitpicking.

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There are plenty of artists sakimichan sex have recognizable art withoit drawing everything with the same face. Everyone has their own artistic journey.

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You are literally telling them how to do their job. Spend ur sakimichan sex on the shit u like. I'm not a weeb tho.

If you look at the art of those you named, they are on a completely different level to sakimichan. Eve is the most sakimichan sex by far though, also happens to be sakimichan sex best match for Sakimi's profit-based artstyle. You could tell the artist squeezed their insides out to get as much softcore porn as possible while keeping it SFW.

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I mean if by sakimichan sex you mean not outright porn then sure, nothing in that sakimichan sex is anything close to acutally safe to look at at work though. Sakimichan's Sakimichah Guardian Illaoi. One thing I really like about this lois griffins tits to a lot of art I see of Eve here is that this exudes her sex appeal.

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A lot of witcher succubus sex when drawing her try to make her a typical cute girl pose like Lux but this evokes the deadly sexiness that I imagine when Eve comes up. The body position is such an important thing when it comes to Evelyn portraits and sakimichan sex one sakimichan sex it.

Oh well, enjoy people, they wont spot the comment, if you don't upvote it since they deleted rising post. Sakimichan sex like she just draws the bodies of whatever with the same face and when a new character pops up, she adds the clothes. Xakimichan said saiimichan was lmao.

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Artist – Sakimichan. Mar Alexis File type: size: MB. INCEST GAMES. Adult Comics and Games.


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